A Resident’s Perspective – Finding an Easter Ride

Written by Panorama resident, Mary Jo Shaw. April 2015

Kids look for Easter eggs.  I looked for an Easter ride.  (Keep the names straight):

Saturday before Easter Sunday, I called Verl, the man I sponsored to become a Catholic, to cancel the ride he usually gave me to Saturday Mass.  (We have no car.)  Our family decided to go to supper in Panorama restaurant Saturday evening.  I would attend Mass the next morning, Easter Sunday, but I needed to get a ride with someone who usually goes on Sunday mornings.

I called my neighbor. “I’ll be delighted to take you in the morning.  I love that you go with me,” she said.  But a few hours later, she ended up in the hospital emergency room with very high blood pressure and horrible headache.  She sent word she wouldn’t be taking me the next morning, Easter Sunday.

Later I called Sally, a resident who often attends on Sunday mornings.  Fine!  She’d pick me up 45 minutes earlier so we could get a good parking space and a seat, since Sacred Heart Church would be very crowded for the annual celebration.

Easter: a car drives up.  I didn’t recall Sally’s car description, but I ran out and opened the passenger door.  I recognized the resident’s face, and hadn’t seen Sally in a long time, so I asked, “Oh, are you Sally?”

“No, I’m Rosemary.  I’m taking you to church.”

Still standing outside, I asked, “What happened to Sally?”

“Who’s Sally?”

“I called her to take me to Mass.”  I stared at her.  “Are you a Catholic?”

“Yes,” she said smiling with her hands on the steering wheel. “I usually go to St. Columban’s on the edge of town.”

I knew her name and recognized her face as a Panorama resident.  I’d signed her up for events at the activity desk, but I’d forgotten the face that matched the name.

Time was ticking, so I hopped in and shut the door.  We chuckled at the situation as she drove.

I turned toward her, “Did you change your Easter plans to take me to church?”  I was amazed at her generosity.

“That’s okay,” she said.  “Sacred Heart Church is closer anyway.  What number did you dial?”

“I don’t know!  Obviously, it was wrong.  You know it—I dialed your number!”

We laughed and wondered about the odds of dialing a wrong number, getting a Catholic resident, and one who was willing to take me to church.  I told her I believe that God must have a reason.

After Mass she said, “Mary Jo, you should buy a lottery ticket.  You’d have better odds at winning the lottery than anyone else.”

Hope you had a blessed Easter!  I did, and I met a new friend at Panorama!

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  1. Oh, Mary Jo that is so funny, I’ll bet by that time you and Rosemary had a great laugh.

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