Holiday Concert

The Panorama Chorus will be presenting their special Holiday Concert this evening in our own Panorama Auditorium. We expect a full house tonight as residents are eager to get in the holiday spirit!

The Chorus will perform again tomorrow, Saturday, December 3rd, in the afternoon.

One thought on “Holiday Concert

  1. We have been at Panorama only 5 months, and seems we have met all 1200 people, but still meet more each day! When we think Panorama can’t get any better, we have a season like now…all is so beautifully decorated and festive. Sooo many activities each day to keep us busy. Chris says that it seems like we are on vacation and are supposed to pack and leave soon! We can’t thank God and Panorama enough for all the lovely residents, employees and management that REALLY ARE interested in what our needs and wants are. Mary Jo says this place is like the Garden of Paradise, the only Thing missing being the Beatific Vision of God. But then, we see Him in the people all around us. Thank you, Panorama residents, employees and management. God bless each one of you all.
    Mary Jo Shaw (and Chris, too!)

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