It’s a Wonderful Life

By: Marcene, Panorama Resident

Here at last!  Finally moved into my new home at Panorama.  All those boxes!  Why do we need all this stuff?  And I got rid of a lot and consider myself pretty much of a minimalist.  So much for that opinion.  Took off a few days from work to unpack so was to and from the house, putting flattened boxes curbside for recycling.  Every so often a resident or two out for a walk (and a dog or two along with them) strolled by and waved.  All welcomed me to Panorama and commiserated about the stuff.  What a great feeling.  I am living in that proverbial ‘village’ we all talk about.  You know what it felt like?  Like I was in Bedford Falls – you know, from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’?  I picture George Bailey running down the street in the snow and every one is waving and yelling, “Merry Christmas, George!”  A feeling of belonging and ‘neighborhood’.

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