Active Retirement – K-Pan Live!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to take part in the production of a live radio show? Or witnessed your own original script being brought to life on stage? Introducing K-Pan Live!

Where Panorama residents write their own radio shows and commercials, create the sound effects that bring them to life, man the technical operating systems, and direct the shows as they play out on stage in front of a live audience.

IMG_0240K-Pan is a fun and lively organization of Panorama residents that learn the skills to produce entertaining radio shows right here on campus. They take classes in voice over and radio techniques from the “On the Air” program at Panorama; where an industry professional teaches microphone techniques, script interpretation, and industry terms. Residents learn to create characters for animation and post production sound elements for film and television.

IMG_0264Once they have been armed with the knowledge and skills of production, our K-Pan players get to work! Building their shows from the ground up, members of K-Pan produce the show, direct the scenes, act the parts, and manufacture the sound effects. All their hard work culminates into the entertaining performances they put on in the Panorama Auditorium, which are most thoroughly enjoyed by fellow resident audiences!

IMG_0244When asked about the experience, one K-Pan player described it as a wonderful fellowship opportunity that allows residents to express their talent in a creative atmosphere. A husband and wife who participate in the group together said an experience like K-Pan is “something we’ve never had an opportunity to do. The great thing about retirement is you get these opportunities.”


K-Pan is just one of more than 80 clubs and organizations residents are enjoying everyday here at Panorama.


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