New Tool Available for Panorama History

Written by Panorama Resident Archivist, Deb Ross. February 2021

Last November, during my webinar on mid-Century modern architecture at Panorama, there were a number of requests for a map that would show the build-out of neighborhoods and key buildings on our beautiful campus. I am excited to share that resident mapmaker Brian Hovis has now created an interactive map that provides this information and more. The map uses tools developed by the ESRI mapping service and is available at this external site:

For readers with access to Panorama’s Kya portal, the map can also be accessed from the “Map” page under the “More” menu heading.

The map is color coded for the seven decades of our existence, with over thirty zones representing the build-out dates of neighborhoods and key buildings. I need to add that this task was not “a walk in the park,” as there is no one-stop repository for this information. I am grateful to and relied on many sources, including Berta Kasmar’s history of Panorama, early videos preserved by the Panorama television crew, scrapbooks and notebooks, and Jeff Sprengel’s collection of photographs and newsletters. Errors, however, are my own! 

One thought on “New Tool Available for Panorama History

  1. Thank you Deb. Having dates and the photos adds a new dimension to understanding the many buildings, structures and neighborhoods at Panorama.

    All of your postings (webinars, historical society talks, presentations) are much appreciated.

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