One-Liner Day

Written by Panorama resident, Mary Jo Shaw. April 2022

Seems I should greet you, HAPPY NEW YEAR?! Hard to believe! In Assisted Living, I pictured myself having so much time to write this blog (Chris and I moved to AL on Dec. 22, 2021). After all, we wake up with “Chris, Mary Jo, your breakfast is here . . .” No more grocery shopping, hauling foods home, putting them on shelves or in fridge or freezer, taking them out again to cook, eat and clean up the mess again. Freedom at last to do only what we want to do (well, you know what I mean)!

Since our life in AL is structured somewhat differently each day from IL (Independent Living), I’m going to stress some favorites of my experiences and activities for you, Reader. Those evolve from the once-a-month Event Planning Day with Stephanie, our superb activity coordinator. Although it seems she has tons of clever, fun, doable activities, Stephanie sincerely encourages us to offer ideas of what we’d like to do.

Often at meals, we enjoy sharing many hilarious one-liners we’ve managed to remember from collections of our favorites that are on paper or in our computers.

My suggestion at the event planning in March for April’s Events Calendar was to have Stand Up Comic Night, but refer to it as a sit-down comic day event. What are the odds? The coincidence? The surprise that we didn’t know even existed? The day Stephanie selected, April 14, 2022, happened to be INTERNATIONAL MOMENT OF LAUGHTER DAY!

Stephanie had asked me to write up a blurb to put in the monthly Assisted Living Gazette:

It’s not stand-up comic. It’s SIT-DOWN LOL…Laughing Out Loud. Have fun as your heart-rate increases from many deep breaths of hilarious laughing, and your heart and lungs are saturated with oxygenated blood! Hear pages of new one-liners.

I pulled out my file named LOL. I was surprised: I actually had to spend a long time preparing to read aloud without laughing myself.

We had planned 30 minutes in our lovely new Activity Room sitting at the shiny new tables, but Stephanie allowed overtime. However, only 10 minutes extra. (Need to save some one-liners, jokes, lexophiles, and puns for next month!)

I didn’t take a photo to send of those who attended while they were laughing. So . . . in lieu of photos that I love to send in my blog post, I’ll share a laugh . . . or 2 . . . or 3 . . .

Find a man who strokes your hair and says how soft it is…and doesn’t even care that it’s on your legs!

Yesterday I was cooking dinner and my son came up to me and said, “Someday I’ll work and help you with groceries, bills and house expenses.” My eyes started to tear up . . . My baby will be 32 next month.

If God wanted me to touch my toes, He would’ve put them on my knees!

We have fun at Panorama in Assisted Living….and that’s not a joke! It’s a true one-liner!

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