Our Best Decision in Retirement – Rising Motivation

Written by Panorama resident, Mary Jo Shaw. February 2015

There goes that alarm again.  I’ve pushed the snooze button twice.  Why’s it so hard for me to get out of bed this morning?  I’ve had a good thirty minutes longer than my usual eight hours.  I’m just gonna turn it off, go back to sleep and get up when I’m ready.  Now I have to get the blankets adjusted.  This is what happens when I toss and turn–bed looks like it’s been through a giant mixer.

Nah, I’ll just leave the covers alone.  It’s too cold to get up to fix ‘em anyway.  Why can’t I get back to sleep?   I’d better go to the bathroom, so I don’t have to get up after I’ve fallen asleep.  That’s a good idea.

Back to bed.  Pillow’s bent outta shape, and now I’ve lost twenty minutes.  Come on, Mary Jo, get outta bed.  Go away, Christmas Past.  You’re pestering me.  I’m not ready ta get up.  I need ta fluff up this pillow.

Burying my head in the fluff, I made an effort to muffle the lawn mower growling at the window.  Now I’m really bent out shape!  Can’t a person get a decent sleep around here?  After all, that’s why I’m retired.

Or is it?  Re-wind.  Think.  Fast forward.

I remember.  I know what works every time.  What’d I write on my To-Do List last night?  I grabbed the little piece of paper on my bedside table.  Oh, yeah!  Today I get to play piano in Assisted Living.  I want to go to the Gift Shop to consign the birthday cards I made.

I scoot into my slippers, still pondering.

There’s Bible Study at ten.  Meet hubby, Chris, in Chambers Restaurant.  Play those new duets with Helen.  She just had her grand piano tuned, too!

And there’s that new chapter I wanna write for my book: let’s see, the one about losing our brakes coming down Pikes Peak in our new old car we bought from Grandpa just before our trip when I was a teen.

Wow, I can’t wait to get started.  Sounds like a lot I want to do today. What’s nice, if I don’t get to do it all, that’s no problem.  Some days, l like to just kick up my heels.  I love those days, too.

Oh, yeah, and little Hope comes after school today. She loves coming for sleep-overs with Granny and Pawpaw.

I grabbed my stack of laid-out clothes from the chest and headed to the bathroom to the tune of Chris’ snoring.  All of these fun things are for You today, Lord.  Thanks for this Panorama Paradise.

It works every time when I think of what I get to do for the day, and it’s working again this morning when I thought I’d never pry myself out of bed.

Now, if I can just get this toothpaste to come out a little faster.

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