Panorama Disaster Preparedness – Map Your Neighborhood

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In a disaster, your most immediate source of help will be the neighbors around you.

The Panorama Resident Council, with support from the Panorama Corporation, is sponsoring Map Your Neighborhood training for resident disaster preparedness.

In line with the national “Map Your Neighbor Hood” program, our campus has been divided in to small “neighborhoods” based on the homes that are located nearest each other. To gain a clear idea of this, picture the homes that you can see while standing in your front yard. This is your “neighborhood” of immediate sources for disaster assistance.

For each of these “neighborhoods” a captain and co-captain have been assigned. Some volunteered on their own while others were approached due to their personal skills and qualities. During the month of April, these captains and co-captains will be undergoing Map Your Neighborhood training which addresses the following:

1) The “9 Steps to Take Immediately Following a Disaster” to secure your home and protect your neighborhood.

2) The skills and equipment each neighbor has and how they would apply in a disaster situation.

3) Identifying the nearest locations of natural gas and propane tanks in your neighborhood.

4) Developing a contact list that identifies neighbors with specific needs

5) Working together as a team to evaluate and take the necessary actions

If you would like information on Map Your Neighborhood training for Thurston County residents, visit the Thurston County Emergency Management site.

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  1. This is excellent! Getting everything together for a response to various emergency situations is planning well spent. It’ll be very very beneficial to all residents, as well as emergency responders. Kudos to those that are helping with it, and those behind the scenes encouraging this planning.

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