Panorama – Not Perfect?

Written by Panorama resident, Mary Jo Shaw. May 2016

Why would I select such a title about Panorama?

While taking inventory of my many handmade items in our Gifts Etc. in April, Customer entered, and in a few minutes selected a card (no, it wasn’t mine).

“Ahh…this is the perfect Easter card for my teenage granddaughter. She’ll love the bird nest in the tree, and the little rabbit among the pastel spring flowers.”

She laid it on the seat of her four-wheel walker, pushed it a few yards over to the cash register, and stirred her quivering fingers around in her pocket book.

Saleswoman checked the price on the back, flipped the item over, and smiled at the colorful scene.

However, she pointed to the edit on the front and held it over the counter for Customer to observe. “It’s a beautiful card, but the crafter accidently printed ‘Happy Birthday’ instead of ‘Happy Easter.’ Would you like to select another one?”

Customer examined the item and burst out in laughter, “Oh, no! Indeed not! My granddaughter will cherish it even more–it’s one of a kind–and will be valuable one of these days.”

Our gift shop is full of unique handmade articles: some perfect, some not so perfect–in a perfect way.

This fragile little lady had found a hidden treasure.

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