Panorama Security Forum

Panorama SecurityToday we had the Lacey Police Chief, Dusty Pierpoint and Lacey Crime Prevention Officer, Sean Bell join us for an informational forum focused on the security of our campus and the general area.

Chief Pierpoint and Officer Bell, along with Panorama President and CEO, Operations Assistant, and Security Supervisor, talked about what Panorama and the Lacey Police Department do to continuously ensure the security of our campus and the safety of Panorama residents.

All 140 acres of Panorama’s beautiful campus is patrolled by security officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the Lacey Police Department patrols our campus daily. Each home on campus is covered by neighbors watching out for neighbors, Panorama employees knowing what to look for, and campus security officers physically checking each home that is temporarily unoccupied for whatever reason.

The majority of the session was reserved for resident questions and specific topics regarding the broader Lacey area but the big take away for residents was that Panorama and the Lacey Police Department are working together consistently to ensure our security.

Chief Pierpoint left us feeling confident in our security. Stating that he sees countless neighborhoods and businesses that don’t compare to Panorama  in its constant vigilance. “You are lucky. There are none that care as much as Panorama cares about what’s happening on this campus.”

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