Panorama Yoga Program – Annual Summer Solstice Vigil

summer solstice vigil

Written by Panorama resident and Yoga instructor, Charles Kasler July 2015

Why are people sitting around the fountain in silence on the first day of summer? It’s the annual summer solstice vigil – one of the quarterly gatherings for yoga/meditation students. We greet the summer with sitting or walking meditation for the last hour of light on the longest day of the year. This year Judy Murphy led chanting to start us off.

People come to yoga for many reasons – stress, back pain, to feel better…It doesn’t matter. Yoga calls us homeā€¦the experience is unmistakable. It has nothing to do with how accomplished or flexible we are. It quiets the mind and by the end of class, students have a feeling of well-being and inner peace. Anyone can experience this, even after the first class.

Judy Murphy leads chantingThere are a variety of practices from which to choose – restorative postures, for example, meditation, or pranayama (breath work). We can easily match practice to our current state of body and mind. That’s advanced practice! Some students attend the weekly meditation sitting group as well as yoga class – two wings of practice.

walking meditation 2Yoga has changed to meet the needs of seniors. We focus on practical things such as fall prevention, better breathing, concentration, and stress reduction – skills we can all use. Inner peace and quality of life – who can ask for more?

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  1. Wishing I could have joined the celebration. My hope is to join in yoga or moving meditation. Just knowing you are all there calms me. Thanks for sharing. I will enjoy the archives now that I havevtimevto become more a part of my community.

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