Panorama’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Panorama Logo - Ice SculptureLast Friday was a day of pomp and circumstance for Panorama residents. In celebration of Panorama’s 50 years, the Chambers House Restaurant was dressed to the nines and open exclusively to residents who were wined and dined in the finest of fashions. The meal kicked off with antipasto skewers, pretzel rolls, and brie with fruit and crackers. Soon came the main course of bourbon chicken, ravioli, ribs, shrimp, and succotash. This delectable array was topped off with caramel sauce drizzled over cheesecake and bon bons.

Panorama 50th AnniversaryThe celebratory mood was accented by shimmering gold decorations, a majestic ice sculpture, and the delightful sounds of a musical trio in the background. To end the festivities, champagne was poured and glasses raised for a toast to what makes Panorama exceptional, the people who live here. For it is they who transform this community into a vibrant lifestyle. And here’s to the next 50 years!

Ice Sculpture - Panorama's 50th Anniversary The comments below are just a sample of what Panorama residents have been saying about the celebration.

“The luncheon was a beautiful affair. The staff outdid themselves and you all made the residents feel very special! Thank you for all you do in such a gracious manner!”


“Thank you and all the staff at Panorama for the extremely awesome celebration of the 50th anniversary for Panorama. It was exciting and beautifully done. We are very happy we picked Panorama to live in Washington State.” – Mert and Wanda D.


“What a wonderful event planned for Panorama’s 50th year celebration. The food, ice carving, flowers, and decorations were so lovely and added so much to the festivities. Such an upbeat event! Please tell everyone involved that all efforts were executed perfectly – making the 50th truly a golden memory. We are the lucky ones living at this home called Panorama. Such a remarkable organization with tremendous leaders and staff!!! Thank you!” – Alice F.


“I want to extend my very special thanks to you and all the staff for making our 50th anniversary party so very special. Things were so elegant and well planned. It was a very great honor to be part of this special event. Thank you again. It was a party I will never forget!!” – Laura D.




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