Panorama’s Focus on Energy Efficiency

This afternoon, the Panorama Green Team hosted an Energy Symposium in the Panorama Auditorium. The program consisted of several presentations by representatives of Puget Sound Energy, Thurston Energy, and the Washington State University Extension Energy Program. The main focus was energy conservation on the local level. Speakers talked about where energy comes from, where it goes, and what can be done to reduce usage and costs.

The presentations took a look at the “Panorama Picture” in terms of energy use, energy cost, and what’s being done to make Panorama more efficient. The spotlight was put on how the convenience of life at Panorama actually helps reduce energy use. The location, a short drive, bike ride, or even walk to grocery stores and a shopping center, as well as the availability of many amenities on campus including: restaurant, pharmacy, auditorium, and Aquatic and Fitness Center help reduce the need for auto travel. The Benevolent Fund makes good use of reusable items through the Patio Sale and tenants of  The Pea Patch grow some of their own food.

With a headstart on energy efficiency, Panorama is constantly working toward improvement in this area. In fact, several of the speakers mentioned Panorama’s dedication to being good stewards of resident resources. This is seen in the work that’s being done to reduce energy costs.  It was revealed that Puget Sound Energy and Thurston Energy are working with Panorama leadership to assess energy consumption and areas of improvement. More specifically, Thurston Energy has been conducting energy evaluations on recently vacated homes and providing Panorama with recommendations for improvement within each home. In turn, Panorama has taken action to address these recommendations.

The presentations were followed by a Q & A session. Residents in attendance asked for clarification on certain issues and shared some new ideas to add to the growing effort.

Thank you to the Panorama Green Team, Puget Sound Energy, Thurston Energy, and WSU Extension Energy Program for helping Panorama become more efficient and green friendly.

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