PC C.A.R.E Christmas

As a community, we try to ensure the warmth of the holidays can be found all throughout Panorama’s campus. One area that receives extra attention each year is the Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center, where our long-term care residents live. For over fifteen years, Panorama Campus Convalescent and Rehabilitation Enrichment, or PC C.A.R.E, has worked hard to make sure no one is forgotten during the Christmas holiday. PC C.A.R.E is a resident organization with the purpose of enhancing the comfort and experiences of those who reside in our Convalescent Center. The activities of this organization are funded by the generous donations of Panorama residents and community members. Although its efforts aren’t exclusive to the holidays, PC C.A.R.E’s main event is an annual Christmas party with live music, a sing-a-long, and Christmas gifts for each resident in the Convalescent Center.

In preparation for this holiday event, representatives of PC C.A.R.E put together a wish list for current residents of the Convalescent Center. Common comfort items are included, such as blankets, sweaters, bath robes, and slippers. The items are personalized for each person by variety in color and style. Gifts are then wrapped and delivered just before Christmas. The PC C.A.R.E. Treasurer, Carol Lambert, says it’s an experience not only for the enjoyment of those living in long-term care, but “for our enjoyment too.” Other than the shopping of course, her favorite part is when residents arrive at the party and she gets to see their reactions as gifts are delivered.

This long-running tradition is one that helps fill the hearts of all who are involved and exhibits the culture of community we see on our campus everyday here at Panorama.

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