PC Chorus Spring Concert – May 2016

Written by Panorama staff. May 2016

With ten minutes until the start of the concert, the Auditorium was already packed with people. Residents, friends and family members squeezed together in excitement for the start of the PC Chorus Spring Concert. The chorus eagerly sat on the stage, waiting to start performing the songs they had practiced repeatedly.

As the concert began, a theme was introduced: “A Grand Night of Singing.” Each member of the chorus was asked to pick their favorite song from 10 years of past spring concerts and the top favorites were compiled into the concert’s program. The selections were fantastic with famous songs like “Mr. Sandman,” “Sunrise, Sunset,” and “Amazing Grace.”

Panorama Chorus Spring ConcertThe audience could enjoy songs with the full impact of the entire chorus singing. Sometimes, songs were split within the chorus, between the altos and sopranos or the tenors and basses, allowing those groups to shine and standout. The chorus finished with a huge patriotic bang, singing “Stars & Stripes Forever” and “You’re a Grand Ole Flag.” The concert was a must-see event at Panorama this past weekend! Events like this are a wonderful opportunity to experience the diverse talents alive in this community.

PC Chorus Concert 2016

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