Salute to a Job Well Done – Resident Council President

Written by Panorama resident, Bob Bowers. August 2014

Monday, September 8, the outgoing President of the Panorama Resident Council, Kathy Houston, will hand the gavel to the incoming President, Sue Ballard.  When she takes the gavel Sue will become the tenth living President on campus.  It is a heavy responsibility and a very special privilege to be elected Resident Council President. The Council President guides the work of the 17 District Representatives as they respond to concerns of the residents in their districts and help campus activities to be vital and meaningful to all who live here. There are four pages of activities listed in the resident handbook.  Each President brings to the job of Council President a set of skills, interests, and experiences that are available to assist them in their work. Each President enters the job with certain goals and expectations that he or she wants to see implemented. To get all of that done and not lose your sanity is a real challenge.

IMG_0295I want to give kudos to Kathy Houston for a job well done.  When I was President, she was Vice President during my last year.  She was such a good support and provided wisdom and insight for me when I really needed it.  She has been a good leader.  I hear that she will still be around in new capacities with the Arts Council and the TV Studio so we will have more good things to come from her direction.

One of the best perks of the Resident Council President is the seat that person occupies on the Corporate Board.  Weekly meetings with CEO, Joe DiSanto, monthly meetings of the Corporate Board, and other aspects being in center of things on the Panorama Campus enrich the President’s life and work.

Thanks Kathy for all your work as Resident Council President and good luck as you continue to be a vital part of this campus.

From your predecessor,

Bob Bowers

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