Smartest Decision in Our Retirement? Part 4

Written by Panorama resident, Mary Jo Shaw. May 2014

We made our first trip to Washington from Las Vegas, had a great tour of the Panorama campus with Rachel, our advisor, and loved everything about it.  But we still had to consider hubby Chris’ feelings about not wanting to pack up and move.  (Don‘t miss great blogs of Feb., Mar., Apr., 2014.)

In the campus Chambers Restaurant, David and Jean said they’d been residents at Panorama since 2001 and had no complaints.  We were surprised: all our questions had positive answers.  Residents came to our table to greet them, and us.  Bob complimented on the beautiful bowls David had made in the woodworking shop.  Another couple thanked David and Jean for the time put into David’s Bible class on Thursdays.

We asked residents what they thought of Panorama:

 “Wished we’d come sooner.”

“My parents and my grandmother live here…we’re not the only three-generation-couple residents, either!”

 “We spent months traveling the United States in our motor home, staying weeks at other places, studying everything.  Best decision we made in our sixty-one years of marriage.”

 “No hidden fees.”

We had appointments at other retirement places.  They were nice, but just didn’t “hit the nail on the head” for us. At Panorama we wouldn’t pay for meals we’d miss if we went shopping, were off campus to eat, or when on vacation.  Sometimes we sleep past normal breakfast hours.

Panorama had the grounds suitable for safe, beautiful, comfortable walking by foot or with canes, walkers, wheelchairs and scooters.  The employees and all residents were happy and friendly and showed and lived it.

During our two-week stay in Washington, we’d visit Panorama often. Two days before our departure, Rachel called.  “Mary Jo, I’m not pushing you but the garden home with the floor plan you liked in Woodland Court just became available. The man who lived there was moved to the Quinault building which will make it easier for him to go to the restaurant, Pan Hall, basement activities, things like that. The place is vacant, not even cleaned up yet. But I don’t want you to fly home without the opportunity to see it. I know how Chris feels, yet had to let you know.”

Chris agreed to look, “But we’re not signing anything.”

Melody and John were eager to see it too.  We all looked, studied the price, location, floor plan, square footage, and views. Three of us were ready to explode.  Rachel assured us, “Panorama will fix it up like new.  You may select paint and floor coverings.  All new appliances will be installed.” It was perfect, but Chris showed no feelings. We left for the day.

The next day, Chris agreed to go back. While we were there, he must have rethought home upkeep/repairs, gutters, lawn, combined with getting older because he whispered to me,

                           “Maybe we’d better sign up.”

Camouflaging my joy and excitement, I hesitated and slowly asked, “You think so?”

Tune in next month!

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