Smartest Decision in our Retirement? – Part 5

Written by Panorama resident, Mary Jo Shaw. Jun 2014

We returned home to Las Vegas from our first visit to Washington for a two-week tour of many retirement places in Lacey and Olympia.  We had eagerly signed with Panorama.  Hubby Chris had been reluctant to look at any retirement places, and we’d agreed we weren’t signing anything.  We saw the many advantages and envisioned ourselves living in such a magnificent place with friendly people and employees who had only accolades for the place.  We’d have over 85 monthly activities to choose from, and a little garden home perfect for our needs and pocket book, and freedom from upkeep and repairs of a big home.  Chris was the one to suggest maybe we’d better sign up!  (Be sure to see monthly blogs from Feb. through May 2014).

We were down to the nitty-gritty!  I knew from previous moves since our marriage in 1972, the brunt of the sorting, getting rid of stuff, and packing was to be mine.  The joy of Panorama retirement was my carrot at the end of the stick. But I still faced selling 50 years of in-home music-teaching books, supplies, eight stations (each consisting of six-octave keyboards and benches, Bose headsets, foot pedals) and nine computers.  I prayed, “Lord, You’ve always been there for me.  I have a very mercenary request this time.”  Music comrade Peggy sent e-mails to the Las Vegas music teachers and received an immediate response: one school wanted all or none of the eight stations.  Music teachers came to purchase music materials.  The school district picked up donated remains.

Piling the first box of other items to get rid of made the next box easier.  The parting got painless as the boxes for a sale stacked in our garage:

“Don’t need this.”

“Forgot I had this…probably will never use it.”

“What am I holding on to this for?”

“Someone else will want this.”

“These clothes are outdated.  Why am I keeping them?”

A huge garage sale brought in extra cash.  Salvation Army picked up the left overs.

Parting of stuff was weight off our shoulders. Chris pitched in the last few weeks, ridding himself of unnecessary clothes and hundreds of books.

We knew we could replace our breakfast table with a smaller one at the Panorama Barn.   (We found exactly what we wanted there, too, at an insane bargain!)

Our daughter, Melody, John, and 5 year old Hope moved in with us as we were packing to move out.  They were caught up in the bank’s fraud that made many very honest families lose their homes, despite making extra payments.  After we moved out, they updated our home themselves from floor, walls to ceilings and sold it for us for much more than the appraisal with three offers in the first week, in a home down-market of the century.

We are grateful for the blessings God has given us to live our lives here at Panorama.  Wait ‘til you hear what we got besides our little garden home!

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  1. I do not see the opening time of the Patio Sale on Sat. COuld you post it or send it to me. Did I miss it on the page a bout it? I”ve looked & looked & looked.

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