Start Creating for the Upcoming Runway Redux

Submitted by Panorama residents, Karen Romanelli and Judy Murphy – April 2020.

Need a DIY project? It’s for a good cause!

Runway Redux is coming in October, so why not get started on an outfit today?

Use whatever you can find around the house. Buttons, scrap fabric, plastic bags, old sweaters, jeans or costume jewelry can all be used to up-cycle that pair of pants and shirt or dress that was headed for the bin.

Need inspiration?  Just type phrases like “fashion ideas with buttons” or “using old jeans to up-cycle clothes” or “accessories from plastic/aluminum” or “recycle clothing” into your browser and you will find websites with plenty of ideas.

Remember, this is a fundraiser for the Benevolent Fund so please plan on walking the runway or coming to enjoy your creative friends and neighbors. More details in months ahead.

Questions? Contact Karen Romanelli or Judy Murphy (contact information is available to residents through Kya or the Resident Directory).

One thought on “Start Creating for the Upcoming Runway Redux

  1. I’d like to participate in this with a facemask outfit recycled. Please keep me on this list

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