Sustainable Transportation at Panorama

Submitted by resident group, Panorama Green Team – April 2020

Many of us are asking: “What can I – and my community – do as a positive response to climate change?”

The Green Team is considering how Panorama residents might shrink our carbon footprint while meeting our transportation needs. The goal is ambitious: we want Panorama to be seen as a leader in meeting its transportation needs in a sustainable manner. The Green Team is forming a work group to consider this and bring a plan to our community. We invite interested persons to join us.

What might such a plan include? We believe education is the key. Could we help our neighbors make smart choices to reduce fossil fuel use? This could include shifting to hybrid or electric vehicles, as well as improved access to alternate transportation. What are the questions we need answered to make wise choices?

We hope to collaborate with Panorama management in this effort. Could new or remodeled residences include outlets to recharge electric vehicles? Is there a cost-efficient strategy to begin providing vehicle recharge stations at our apartment buildings? In the longer term, could there be opportunities for Panorama to convert its vehicle fleet to electric power?

We know that transportation is a highly significant source of carbon dioxide emissions that accelerate climate change. We want to do our part to reduce our impact – and to educate the larger community if we can lead by example. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

If interested in joining this work group, call Cleve P. (contact information available to residents on Kya and the Resident Directory).

4 thoughts on “Sustainable Transportation at Panorama

  1. I lived in Panorama from 2000 until last March when my family moved me to a home in east Chehalis. I drove only plug-in electric cars from 2010 until 2018 when I was no longer able to drive. No fast-charge equipment is needed when charging the car at home. I only drove around Thurston County so never needed to charge my car away from home. All homes already have a normal outlet suitable for an overnight charge of an electric vehicle. I gave my Kia Soul EV an overnight charge about once every two weeks. What could be more convenient than that! No gas station ever. The car tells you how many more miles it can go at average usage, so you know when it needs to be plugged in. When fully charged, my car could go about 106 miles in summer and 80 miles in winter. Using the car’s heater is what reduces winter mileage.

  2. Hi Cleve,

    Yes, I’d like to join your group advocating for EVs for both residents and for the Panorama fleet. I have 10-year old hybrid and am ready for a bigger step toward reducing our carbon footprints. We also need to push PSE to transition away from fossil fuel use for their electricity production, certainly faster than the 2045 mandate by State law.

  3. Cleve, I hope you have my name on the list for this group as I signed up when we had our last Green Team meeting! Keep calm and carry on! Peggy Jamerson

  4. I like this idea. I’d like to join a group promoting EV’s. I passed my hybrid on to my granddaughter and am considering getting an EV.

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