Yoga & Feet

Written by Panorama resident, Charles Kasler. August 2021

We’re back in business! We meet outdoors with the birds, the breeze, and some heaters to stay warm as the seasons change. Lynn and I are so happy to be teaching yoga classes again and sharing this experience with students. People are thriving and appreciate it more than ever after a long quarantine. As teachers it is our job to practice and study, and share what we learn with our students. We adapt the practice to accommodate changing needs as we age.

We also gathered for the last hour of light on Summer Solstice, our first social gathering in over a year. It’s good to be back.

My annual summer workshop was called Happy Feet. When was the last time you stretched your feet? Going barefoot is therapeutic for the feet after a lifetime of constraint in tight shoes. Feet are the foundation! The health of our feet affects balance as well as supporting the entire body above. Any imbalance in feet can reflect in the joints – knees, hips, spine. Not to mention that foot pain and poor balance are common complaints for seniors.

When we’re able to move back inside, we’ll go barefoot or wear socks to practice yoga so each class becomes a one-hour therapy session for the feet. In yoga 2 we go a step further and actively stretch our toes and the surrounding muscles and soft tissue to regain pliability and movement in the joints of the feet. There are 33 joints in the feet and we need a movement in each one so they are responsive. The stiffer our feet and ankles, the less control we have over balance and posture. Have you ever noticed how good it feels to take your shoes off? There are 200,000 nerve endings in the soles of your feet. They provide a great deal of information about our relationship to the ground. We are reestablishing that feedback connection so we feel more grounded and secure.

We have a full schedule looking ahead: Fall equinox tea, the Fall meditation workshop, plus events for Winter Solstice, New Years Eve, and New Years Day. Come join the fun. Meet some new people and improve your functioning – physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.