The Benevolent Fund Continues On

Submitted by resident organization, Panorama Benevolent Fund – April 2020

Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor A Pandemic…

has prevented the Panorama Benevolent Fund from bringing residents the personal support they need.

The Financial Assistance volunteers: Kristine Bartruff, Cynthia Daniels, Jay Felzien, and Georgia Vincent, have continued to work (by phone) with grant recipients to assure that their grants were processed as usual. With access to the Benevolent Fund Office down to once a week, Don Whiting (BF Treasurer) followed through with the financial details to make sure grants were received on time. The central thread to the Benevolent Fund’s successful operation at this disruptive time is Connie Cameron, Administrative Assistant, who is in the office every day to help volunteers and residents.

What better time to have emergency access to medical help with the SARA alert system than during these critical days of heightened health concerns. In March alone, 22 residents received assistance from the fire department and 7 residents were transported to emergency care (not COVID-19 related). Your SARA is your personal safety net at unexpected crucial times.

Sponsored by the Benevolent Fund, 3 experienced and caring Social Service Advisors: Tiffany Martin, Corrine Wasmundt, and Sara Wasser, are available every day to give person-centered support to residents as we move through the many phases of aging. These are disorientating times. If you are having difficulty with the disruption of your normal every-day life, please call a Social Service Advisor at x7557 or email

As many of you know, the sales activities of the Benevolent Fund were shut down March 11, putting our hard working, dedicated volunteers out of work until management gives an “all clear” signal. The result is that the Acquisition Team is unable to clean out vacated residences and apartments, a major resource of merchandise for sales at Encore Furniture and Books, the Stiles-Beach Barn and the Patio Sale. Consequently, the smooth running sales system the volunteers developed has come to a complete halt—no merchandise, no revenue.  And the story continues…the 2020 Patio Sale has been cancelled.

As with economies all over the world – countries, corporate, small entrepreneurs, and personal – losses are being felt. The Benevolent Fund, also.  Please consider making a donation to the Benevolent Fund to support the promise the Fund intends to keep…even during a pandemic.

Phyllis Freitas, BF President

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