The Story Behind Our Newest Fitness Program

What Is NIA?

Written by Panorama's Fitness Coordinator, Melissa Thoemke. April 2015


We have all heard the expression “no pain, no gain.” The idea behind this popular sentiment is that in order to achieve real results you need to push your body beyond your comfort level. Debbie Rosas, the creator of Nia had a different idea. Debbie was no stranger to pushing her body past its limits; from 1972 to 1983 she operated an exercise business in San Francisco known as the Bod Squad.  After a series of exercise related injuries, she decided to find an alternative method to her high impact fitness lifestyle.

After observing martial arts, Debbie realized that with all of her intense exercise, she had forgotten to how to move her body. After making this realization, Debbie Rosas spent 13 years developing Nia. Nia stands for Non Impact Aerobics and combines Yoga, Modern Dance and Martial arts. The practice is done barefoot so that the participant can more easily experience the mind/body connection.

The wonderful truth about Nia is that everyone who participates will see a benefit regardless of their physical abilities. The Panorama Aquatic Center has started hosting a weekly Nia class taught by Sandra Caldwell, Certified Nia Instructor. The class meets every Wednesday at 7 AM in our newly renovated Quinault fitness room. Residents who attend the class say that it makes them feel free and powerful and that it is a great way to start the day.

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  1. This sounds interesting. May try it one of the forthcoming Wednesday’s. We are new to Panorama, and are slowly looking into the abundant and myriad of activities and opportunities one has available at Panorama.

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