Trash Talk – Tips on Recycling at Panorama

Submitted by Panorama Green Team – May 2020


The LeMay posters that are affixed to each large dumpster list the following paper product items that can be put in the bins: Cardboard (flattened); magazines, catalogs, newspapers, and mail; cereal and food boxes.

To expand on this a bit, paper product items that MAY be put in the bin include: clean flattened cardboard, magazines, catalogs, newspapers (without plastic bags), office paper, envelopes, opened or un-opened junk mail, and chip board (cereal boxes, tissue boxes, cracker boxes, and similar). The small plastic sheets in window envelopes and tissue boxes do not need to be removed.

Paper product items that MAY NOT be put in the bin include: cardboard with grease or food residue (such as pizza boxes), waxed cartons (such as those used for milk, broth, soups, frozen foods), plastic coated paper (such as coffee cups, paper plates), egg cartons, paper food take-out containers, padded envelopes lined with plastic or bubble wrap, shredded paper, tissues (in this Corona virus age?), paper towels, glossy photographs.

Pay attention to the posted signs at the recycling centers, and if you are not sure about an item, please put it in the trash.

Next month: Take Out Containers

2 thoughts on “Trash Talk – Tips on Recycling at Panorama

  1. I see that next month you are going to cover take out containers in more detail. In that edition, please specifically discuss the Sysco corp paper/cardboard food containers used by Seventeen 51 for delivery orders. To me, they seem to be recyclable (if they don’t have food residue) but the general guidelines would seem to exclude them.

  2. Question: Can brown paper coffee filters go into the compost along with the used coffee grounds?

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