What is PAV at Panorama?

Written by Panorama resident, Mary Jo Shaw. July 2022

The Panorama Pavilion (PAV) is for all residents and staff…to enjoy over and over again. Chris and I could sit in our recliner overlooking the construction from our third floor ever since we moved in to Assisted Living (AL) at Christmas in 2021.

Surviving several years of off-and-on construction due to Covid restrictions, all AL residents could observe and surmise what was happening, while having lunch and dinner in the new dining room.  Free entertainment!  Despite the heavy snows, frozen-unfinished water ponds (that needed to defrost to drain and fill back again for testing) our grand opening exploded with a blast from joy and anticipation at the July 4, 2022 Celebration!

Residents lapping ice cream strolled over to sit inside the Pavilion or outside on the sturdy, comfortable wooden chairs. Round tables with large umbrellas provided shade, but the warm sun was most welcomed in the nice 72 degree weather.

I digress: speaking of ice cream! Panorama once again faithfully provided the All City Ice Cream Truck for two hours. We always look forward to their 30+ item menu of novelty ice cream bars, sandwiches, cups and cones from premium manufacturers including: Blue Bunny, Good Humor, Magnum, Ben & Jerry’s, Popsicle, Klondike, Riche’s and more!  Remember those goodies on hot days: bare feet on the sidewalk, the ice cream or popsicle dripping from our elbows?  Never dreamed we’d be “kids again” in the most beautiful, comfortable, lovely Pavilion and Courtyard.

Back to the PAV entertainment:

Live music at the Pavilion included Memphis Belles USO Tour with song and dance. We began with the singing of The Star Spangle Banner, hand over hearts, facing the large provided flag and many flags that fly 24/7 from the balconies overlooking the courtyard. The “Belles” showcased patriotic classics and iconic music from WW2! Most residents clapped hands and tapped feet to the fantastic familiar songs.

The next hour featured a favorite swing and jazz duo LaVon Hardison & Vince Brown (known as Red & Ruby), who always pack and open wit, style and fun.

As previously mentioned, this dream is open for staff and residents. On occasion, events may be scheduled to use the Pavilion, but the courtyard seating is still available. Comfortable benches are in plenty. Everyone seems enticed to experience the two unique bridges during each visit. All we have to do is email or call in our request. Audio capabilities are available for microphone use and connection to speakers.

I just read on our portal Kya that in two hours we will join to “kick off our first of many Concerts in the Pavilion! Featuring Chris Anderson. First known professional as “The Singing Busboy” of Jebino’s Restaurant in his home town of Eatonville, WA. He performs his seamless interpretations of classic hits, spanning a variety of genres, for over a decade. We may bring a picnic dinner and are encouraged to bring own lawn chairs for the big event!”

Since it has been available, I see many groups inside the Pavilion and others bringing lunches or just visiting around wooden tables with large umbrellas outside. Many come for their daily walks. Some play cards and other table games, or gather for organizations, and clubs that used to be in activity rooms on campus.

Our Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center is just a few yards from the Pavilion. It warms my heart to see the caretakers providing wheelchair opportunities for enjoying God’s numerous flowers, plants, trees, bushes, waterfalls, sunshine…with the birds and butterflies.

What an Alleluia to re-visit with resident friends from all corners of the campus for “getting acquainted” again and again.

Thanks to Panorama once more for the latest blessing… which was worth the long wait!

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