Active Retirement – What on Earth is Zentangle?

We’ve recently been noticing this word “zentangle” popping up all over our Panorama activity calendar.

Zentangle. What an intriguing word to stumble upon. So what is it?  Zentangle is a creative art form that combines fun with relaxation, resulting in beautiful and intricate designs. A traditional zentangle is created with ink pens on a 3 1/2 inch square paper tile. Completed tiles can be combined together to create a larger mosaic.

Don’t consider yourself a talented artist? No problem! In the words of Kay, one of our residents who dove fearlessly into this concept, “Anyone can do it! It’s so easy to learn!” Kay, along with other Panorama residents, has been delighting in the zentangle workshops and idea exchanges that are being offered on campus.

Kay has been part of the zentangle world for about 6 months and, as I’m sure anyone who’s asked her about it could tell you, she loves it! She even provided a few of her original pieces. Not shy about imperfections, she pointed out a mistake in one of her pieces. She explained the philosophy of zentangle that mistakes are part of life and there are no erasers; you won’t find one in a zentangle kit either. Rather, mistakes must be incorporated into the design.

Traditional Zentangle vs. ZIA  These two pieces are examples of traditional zentangle versus ZIA, zentangle inspired art. The piece on top is a traditional zentangle created on a 3 1/2 inch tile. The elephant is a ZIA.







Additional pieces created by Kay:

Zentangle - Red Ink

Colorful -  without background




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