Yes, You Can Still Retire

One would think that a picture of Robert Young would engender all of the trust necessary to calm one down and believe that “it’s going to be ok.” After all, didn’t we love him as Dr.Welby for so many years? He was the “father that knows best” prior to that. This is probably why U.S. News and World Report chose him or what would appear to be a Robert Young lookalike to be the face of their cover story, “Yes! You Can Still Retire,” in their October 2009 issue. Other articles inside this magazine addressed the retirement issue from various angles and viewpoints. Best places to retire; Making the Most of Frugal Living; Getting Ahead by Putting It in Reverse were just a few of these titles. It seems the point of this retirement-focused issue is that despite the dire consequences of the past year’s financial disaster, older workers will be able to retire with careful financial planning and smart decisions. Panorama represents one of the possible avenues to a comfortable, affordable and active retirement lifestyle. An important part of Panorama’s overall structure is its financial program and pricing structure, which allows a tremendous value for its residents. In fact, the large size of the community and the broad selection of homes and styles offer a broad range in entrance fees and monthly fees that make living at Panorama affordable for a large cross section of retirees. Although many at Panorama are financially comfortable, at least 20% of the residents’ annual incomes qualify as “low income” according to the county’s standards. Those residents, whose annual income is limited, find they can live quite comfortably at Panorama. This is possible because Panorama’s financial program allows residents a wide range of choices regarding how they live, allowing them to create their own customized financial plan. The entrance fee and monthly fee make possible long term financial planning that includes taking care of a broad set of basic housing needs. With these expenses taken care of, residents have a significant amount of control over other expenses that address their own interest and taste.

140 Acre one bedroom apartment homes a great value

The humorous ad that offered the “140 acre one bedroom apartment” at Panorama was meant to explain this value. A basic and affordable one bedroom apartment not only includes a fully equipped kitchen, full bathroom and spacious living room and utility room, but it also includes all of the common areas, amenities and incorporated activities that make Panorama one of the most comfortable and beautiful places to live in the Pacific Northwest; not to mention the most affordable for the active retiree. Currently available is an excellent selection of one bedroom homes that include special financial incentives to make “retirement possible” and comfortable. Yes, although the wait list for Panorama’s larger single family homes on Chamber’s Lake or McGandy Park continues to grow, there are desirable, smaller apartment homes and some garden court cottages available now. Some of these homes have detached hobby rooms and convenient covered carports as well. A Panorama one bedroom home represents a truly marvelous value because those who live at Panorama have available to them all the activities, associations and vibrant people that make this a great place to live.

Active Retirement Community

Yes, you can still retire and enjoy a wonderful retirement, that is, if you retire to Panorama.

Yes, you can sell your home and unlock precious wealth that can fund an active and secure retirement

The adjustment in the real estate market over the past 12 to 18 months has discouraged many people who would like to live securely in their retirement years. Many of those who have expressed interest in moving to Panorama will use the equity from their home to finance their retirement. Some have delayed this move out of fear that their home will not sell in this poor economy. As reported in the news, studies and analysis by realtors are telling us that when homes are priced right they sell quickly. For many of our new residents this has in fact been the case. Some may see this as a loss in income, but in reality, most of these homes have already greatly appreciated, and selling unlocks this asset to provide not only money for a home at Panorama, but increased savings that can pay interest income for years to come. So if you are interested in a richer, fuller retirement, selling your current home may be the solution, not the hindrance. Can Panorama help you achieve an active, comfortable and affordable retirement? Yes, we can.

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