Yoga and Meditation Workshops

Written by Panorama resident and Yoga instructor, Charles Kasler. January 2015

Did you know we have four yoga and meditation workshops each year – free and open to the Panorama community? Past topics have included arthritis, grief, breathing, insomnia, brain fitness and mindfulness, and stress and pain management. These workshops are enjoyable and well attended. In addition they are all recorded and posted online, as well as on CD in the audio library for residents to check out.

moving meditation 2Yoga and meditation are now considered complimentary medicine and are respected by the medical community. There is research showing that yoga can benefit in such conditions as heart and respiratory problems, MS, anxiety, PTSD, the side effects of chemotherapy, and a host of others. Yoga is therapeutic – for body, mind, and soul.

There were two milestones to open the door for yoga to be accepted and embraced by the medical community. Jon Kabat-Zinn, a professor at the U. of Mass,  introduced his Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program around 1979, using both yoga and meditation. Dr. Dean Ornish published his groundbreaking research on reversing heart disease around 1990, again with yoga as a major part of his program. Increasingly some medical and health professionals are not only practicing yoga but teaching as well.

People are sometimes concerned that they aren’t flexible enough to do yoga. No problem – we fit the posture to the person. We stay focused, breathe, and explore our individual range of motion. It often ¬†improves, which benefits our agility and balance as well.

Remember you can always do a trial class or use a drop-in card to test out the different classes. Join the growing yoga community at Panorama. Enjoy the increased well-being and quality of life.

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  1. I am interested in meditation and saw that they are posted online and would like to know how to access. I am a beginner in meditation so need to start out with basic instructions etc.

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